Feeling Confident at your Engagement Session

Let’s start with the obvious, getting in front of a camera for an engagement session can be intimidating and nerve-wracking. Trust me, I know. You may be thinking that being a photographer, I should be a natural in front of the camera… Well that assumption is FALSE! I’m going to be completely transparent and tell you, I find myself feeling the same exact way you do going into a session! I can be so awkward, unsure of where to put my hands and extremely nervous. Over the years, I’ve became a bit better but, these feelings have helped me at my sessions with couples immensely! I can relate to exactly how they feel and can help ease the nervousness they’re feeling.

I always tell my couples before their engagement session, unless you’re Tyra Banks or Kendall Jenner, it’s OKAY to be nervous. It’s a normal thing! But, it’s my job to help you shake off those jitters and feel completely confident and to help you have fun before, during and after your session!

I want to give all the couples out there some tips to help give you a peace of mind for your upcoming engagement session! I want to bring you inside my mind as a photographer, what I think about during a session, things you can do that’ll help the shoot go smoothly, and generally just what to expect!

So let’s fix that! Here we go!

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